Participation in one of the programs or trainings offered at by Core Mental Training ("CMT"), registered as a trade name of Abstracte Zaken at the Dutch chamber of commerce with the ID 34201061, requires agreement with and conformity to the following terms and conditions.

1. The client is responsible for providing correct and sufficient information about motivation and health status. CMT remains the right to refuse services should the information provided be incorrect and/or insufficient.

2. In the exceptional case the number of participants for one of the programs is not sufficient, CMT has the right to cancel a program up to 14 days before the program. 100% of the program free will be refunded. CMT is not responsible for other expenses. CMT will do it's best to offer suitable alternatives.

3. A booking is only confirmed upon the reception of payment. Until then CMT holds the right to cancel the reservation.

4. CMT has the right to make royalty free photo's, audio and/or video recordings during the programs and trainings.

5. The client bears own responsibility for coverage by health, liability and travel insurances.

6. Under no circumstance can CMT be held responsible and/or liable for any damage, loss, mental damage or physical injuries as participation in the activities during the programs and trainings are all on a consent base.

7. CMT provides no guarantee for any outcome of the programs or trainings.

8. Cancellation of programs can only be done by reply to the confirmation e-mail. Up to four weeks before the program CMT will deduct 15% of the total program fee to cover for organizational expenses. Between four and two weeks before the program 50% of the total program fee is charged. In case of cancellation within two weeks of the program start 100% of the total program fee will be charged.

9. In case of misbehavior, ignorance of instructions or other behavior that influences the program or training negatively CMT remains the right to expel a client from the program and/or premise without a refund.

10. Dutch law governs the legal relationship between CMT and the client. Any dispute will be exclusively resolved in the first instance by the District Court of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Version: January 26, 2018

Terms and Conditions